The Great Outdoors: Top Camping Gadgets and Ideas for An Outdoor Adventure

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While we specialize in creating an indoor wellness retreat with our Smart Shower with steam, we also understand the importance of getting outside for some beautiful scenery and fresh air, particularly while spending so much time indoors during the pandemic. A successful camping trip requires the right gear (you can try rubbing two sticks together to create a fire, or we can leave that to the prehistoric cavemen of our past), so to avoid the embarrassment, let’s skip ahead to our list of the best camping essentials to enjoy the great outdoors in style.

Coleman Dome Tent


Every camping experience starts off with putting together your outdoor home—your  tent! Choose the proper tent for your group size and the weather conditions where you’ll be camping. Some top-rated options are the Coleman Dome Tent that blocks 90% of sunlight (for those who avoid rising too early!), weatherproof features like welded corners and inverted seams to prevent water from seeping in and strong frames that can withstand 35 mph wind, and a convenient E-port to power electrical items (don’t you love living in the 21st century?!). The manufacturer also says it only takes 10 minutes to set up!

For an affordable option, consider the Mountainsmith Morrison, a polyester tent designed to withstand three seasons (skip this one for cold winters!) with a two-door layout, tent fly ventilation windows and bathtub floor construction (meaning the seams of the floor of the tent go up the sides like a tub for optimal weather-proofing).

REI also has a great selection of tents for all group sizes and conditions.

REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Now onto choosing where you will sleep during your trip—the sleeping bag!
Among the best-rated options are the REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag with polyester fibers that keep you warm down to 30 degrees and a water-repellent, durable polyester shell. The Siesta features a two-way zipper that lets you open the bag fully to use as a quilt or to unzip the bottom for ventilation (great for summer!) and the ability to zip it to another Siesta bag to form a double-wide camping bag (can you say camptime cuddles?)

Marmot offers a selection of high-quality sleeping bags for various conditions at a variety of price-points. The full-featured Trestles 30 is a well-reviewed and affordable all-purpose synthetic bag that insulates even in sustained cool and damp conditions. With a full-length, locking two-way zipper with convenient pockets and loops, the Trestles 30 has combination wave construction for maximum loft and warmth and blanket construction bottom for warmth and comfort.

Black Diamond Apollo’s lantern

Light Source

Let there be light! The aspects to consider when choosing a light source are brightness for your needs, the power source (batteries, electric charge or solar) and size and weight. Black Diamond Apollo’s lantern has a brightness of 250 lumens, enough brightness for a tent site, and two power sources: a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or four AA batteries (sold separately) and a charging port that takes about 3.5 hours to deliver a full smartphone charge. It’s also under 8 ounces so it’s light enough to pack on the go while hiking and exploring.

Les Jardins is a quality brand known for high efficiency solar lighting with a variety of portable options such as the 8-inch, two-pound KALYSTO, a lightweight and compact lantern with an aluminum frame, pivoting handle and a synthetic mesh covering that diffuses the 200 lumens of soft, warm light. Like all Les Jardins products, KALYSTO features a dimmable, 100% autonomous solar rechargeable battery for an eco-friendly and convenient lighting solution.

Camp Chef Everest Cooktop


Time to eat! Whether it be hot dogs or s’mores, a quality cooktop is a camping necessity when it’s grub-time. Some things to consider are performance, efficiency and function, how easy it is to set-up, use, clean and transport.

Camp Chef Everest is a top-rated cooktop that is purported to boil fast, produce a high-quality simmer and keep consistent even in windy conditions. The two burners can handle large cookware, yet the design is compact and straightforward.

At a fraction of the space and weight of a traditional two-burner, the Jetboil Genesis Basecamp is collapsible (how convenient!), lightweight and easy to assemble and is purported to simmer better than many in-home electric ranges. The Genesis features the Jetlink accessory port to link with other Jetboil or Eureka-brand stoves and simultaneously share the same fuel source.

We hope this list was helpful as you explore the outdoors! Let us know your favorite camping essential in the comments!

As always, we wish you health, happiness and wellness.