Tips for Maintaining Wellness

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At ThermaSol, we are taking precautions for the safety of our team and families, but we also want our community to know that for more than 60 years, we’ve been striving to help people bring self-care home in all its forms – and right now this seems to be more important than ever. As we find ourselves spending more time at home and working remotely, we’d like to offer some tips to maintain health and wellness and avoid going stir crazy while staying indoors and working from home.

Maintain Wellness and a Work/Life Balance While Spending More Time at Home

  1. Make your bed – studies have shown that this one thing can change your entire outlook on the day!
  2. Get Dressed for the Day – Get in the right headspace for work by dressing for it.
  3. Take Breaks and Unplug – step away from the computer and unwind.
  4. Define your Work Schedule – set a time for the workday to end.
  5. Set the mood with calming background music and your favorite essential oil as you work, such as ThermaSol’s line of Aromatherapy Essential Oils that range from soothing lavender to our invigorating Energy Oil Blend.
  6. Make lists to stay focused and organized – time to break out your spiral-bound notebooks (when you make a list, you get to check off the things you’ve done which gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment)
  7. Vow NOT to watch/read news except once in the morning

Feeling anxious? During this stressful time, it is completely normal to feel unsettled and stressed, and easy for the anxiety to become a circular stressor: the more you think about your anxiety, the more it fuels the anxious fire and easily becomes overwhelming. This is why we want to introduce you to Soft Belly Breathing, a simple exercise for meditation and relaxation.

Soft Belly Breathing for Anxiety

  1. Close your eyes and begin deepening your breath
  2. Slowly breathe in through your nose; your abdomen should expand, and your chest should rise very little.
  3. Slowly breathe out through your mouth
  4. Letting thoughts pass through your mind, continue these steps and focus on softening and relaxing your belly, until you feel your whole body is relaxed.

Feeling sluggish? With the closure of gyms and fitness classes and more time spent indoors on the couch, maintaining our much-needed fitness routines is challenging. Many of you may be aware of our products’ Alexa capabilities, but did you know Alexa can also be a part of your daily work out for free? Using your Android device, just say “Alexa, start 7-Minute Workout”, and Alexa will guide you through a randomized group of exercises for weight loss, strength building, and improving energy.

Feeling stressed? When routines are disrupted, people begin to experience mental and physical stress. If your typical routine involves working out at a gym, or going to Pilates or Yoga, your mind and your body might be feeling some withdrawals right now. Here are 10 Simple Yoga poses to learn/practice every day while at home. Namaste.

10 Simple Yoga poses

  1. Cat Pose – “a wonderful warm-up for the spine and, when synchronized with the breath, has a calming effect on the mind.
  2. Cow Pose – “Cow pose stretches the front of the torso and throat area, stimulating the wrists and spine
  3. Low Lunge – “Improves balance and mental focus. Great for runners, cyclists or if you spend a lot of the day sitting.
  4. Warrior 2 – “Strengthens your legs, improves stamina and concentration.
  5. Triangle – “Strengthens the legs, back and torso, lengthens the side of the body” | Tip: To create more strength and tone in the waist and stability in the legs, try hovering the lower hand slightly away from the leg.
  6. Tree Pose – “Improves balance, strengthens the ankles, legs, and spine, increases focus and concentration and quietens the mind.
  7. Locust Pose – “Improves strength and mobility in the back, stretches the front of the body, increases stamina and stimulates the digestive organs.
  8. Bridge Pose – “An accessible pose that stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hip flexors. Strengthens the back, glutes, and hamstrings and legs.
  9. Cow Face Pose – “Stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, opens the upper back, chest and shoulders, and works the triceps.
  10. Legs up the wall – “This pose is known as the ‘great rejuvenator’ for good reason. It alleviates pressure in the legs, helps the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid and is a wonderful pose to do before bed or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Rest your legs against the wall or make it a little more active by just raising your legs above your hips