The Psychology of Autumn Colors

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If you’ve ever wondered why so many people trek to areas across the country to go “Leaf Peeping,” join us as we delve into the psychology of why fall colors are considered such a glorious spectacle and why the colors are so enticing to people. Specific colors are connected to moods, memories, cultural perceptions, and healing properties. Colors can also remind us of our connection to nature.

As summer fades into autumn, we’re welcomed by the crisper air and changing scenery. This seasonal shift can evoke a particular set of emotions depending on our personal preference for autumn and the activities associated with it, but the psychology behind the colors themselves are reason enough to enjoy – here’s why:

Visual Contrast

Leaves in the autumn are rich in visual contrast – greens turning into deep reds, bright oranges and soft yellows. This shift is exciting from a cognitive standpoint because our brains are stimulated by contrasting colors and saturations, especially after months of seeing the bright greens of spring and summer.

Soothing Stress

Taking a walk outside for just 10 minutes, three times a week, can cut down cortisol levels by an average of 10 percent, several studies have shown. While on the walk, focus on the changing colors and patterns for an exercise in mindfulness, for feelings of appreciation, awareness and peace.

Looking Forward

The transforming autumnn colors is signal to the brain that change is happening. By being aware of our brain’s responses to the sudden change in the environment, we can use them to take on new, exciting challenges like a new hobby or goal.


You can also experience the therapeautic effects of color from the comfort of your home with the soothing effects of a steam shower with chromatherapy with the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead set to autumn colors like orange, yellow, and red to activate the chakras associated with compassion, freedom, and courage – the perfect reminders for the start of a new season.