Spring Cleaning, Spring Steaming

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So often we’re asked to make tough – nay, impossible – choices. Team Edward or Team Jacob. Team Peeta or Team Gale. Team Oreo or Team Hydrox. (The struggle is real. Hashtag stressful.) In a world of such daunting conundrums, it’s nice to know that when it comes to Team Steam vs. Team Clean, “compromise” need not apply. From skin to shower, when it comes to steam, both “steamliness” is truly next to “cleanliness.”

Let’s start with the skin-cleansing power of steam. We all know that sweat is the body’s way of regulating temperature (you run, you get hot, you sweat, you don’t develop a fever – perspiration reflects the success of our internal thermometers). But sweat isn’t just for heat maintenance; it’s also our body’s way of pushing out dirt and toxins that live on the surface of our skin. And while exercise is highly reliable way to generate sweat, it’s not your best bet for getting what we call a “clean sweat” – perspiration with the sole intent of detoxifying skin. Enter, steam. Stepping into a steam shower results in an instant level of incomparable “clean.” (The cleansing benefits of regular showers, soaking tubs, and yes, saunas, don’t even come close.) The heat and humidity generated by a steam shower is powerful enough to immediately generate healing benefits from healthy sweating – aka, perspiration in an environment where all your skin’s dirt and bacteria can be cleanly wiped away…something that’s pretty impossible to happen while you’re on a treadmill.

‘Tis the season for another type of cleaning…the “spring” kind. Yes, that much-dreaded time of year when dust bunnies rear their little gray heads and you finally find that Tupperware lid that somehow jumped behind the refrigerator. It’s a daunting house-wide process in every room…except the one that holds your steam shower. Invest in the only proven self-cleaning steam shower on the market – ThermaSol’s state-of-the-art digital shower system with PowerFlush technology – and steam shower spring cleaning…heck, year-round cleaning…is a thing of the past. Simple to use (literally, you can access it at the touch of the button) and light years above any competitive unit (avoid systems that promise “auto flush” or “auto drain” – they’re based on a “gravity drain” premise that still leaves all steam shower debris behind), ThermaSol’s PowerFlush delivers a true clean, ridding your steam shower system of calcification build-ups via an effective – not gravity-based – purge. It’s best to run PowerFlush at least twice a year. Two annual button pushes for steam shower cleanliness…if only spring cleaning the kitchen were that easy…

Whether it’s the cleanliness of your skin, your organs, or your steam shower itself, there’s no question that “steam” and “clean” go hand in hand. So purify, detoxify, and breathe a clean sigh of relief, knowing that steaming is cleaning, inside and out.