Skincare and Steam

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Timing is everything. It’s the difference between a heart-racing gold and a heartbreaking silver. It’s the difference between “runny yolk” and “hard-boiled.” And when it comes to your skin, it’s the difference between soft/silky/smooth and dry/cracked/blistered. Sadly, we offer no help on the egg-cooking front, but what we do offer is a thing or two about timing your way to great skin… with a little help from steam.

To understand why timing is so essential to the healthy hydration of our skin, a great place to start is at our skin itself. Porous and flexible, skin is essentially our bodies’ tollbooth to the outside world – letting things in and out for good AND for bad. (Think sunlight “in” and sweat “out” but also air pollutants “in” and much-needed-moisture “out.”)

We can’t always control what or how our skin gives up or takes in, but what we can do is optimize the circumstances in which our skin is primed for absorption. Dermatologists have long agreed that our skin is most receptive to the key ingredients in lotions, moisturizers and serums after a shower or a bath. As the Mayo Clinic explains: “Apply moisturizers immediately after bathing…to help trap water in the surface cells.”

Translation? When our skin is hydrated from water or steam, a moisturizing product is able to “trap” the liquid on our skin and use it to absorb a moisturizer or hydrating serum at a most advantageous rate. And what we love about using a steam shower as the means of pre-soaking our skin – versus a regular shower or bath – is how it leaves skin at a “perfectly dewy peak,” requiring no towel-off before applying a lotion – a post-bath process that wipes away essential water droplets on your skin. So how would we here at the Steam Room put this perfect timing into play?

How to Moisturize Your Skin with Steam

First, The Prep. Set yourself up for success by exfoliating your skin before you steam. (We love to use a lighter scrub on our faces and something a little stronger on our extremities.)

Next, The Steam Shower. Enjoy a relaxing, restorative steam shower – all bliss, no stress. We recommend soaking in the heat and moisture in for 15-20 minutes before you’re ready for the final step in your journey to amazing skin.

Finally, The Moisturizing. While your skin is still damp from the steam shower, put the motion to the lotion and slather on your favorite moisturizer or serum ASAP.

The time for fantastically moisturized skin is here. Optimize your skin with steam and revolutionize the way you hydrate and protect your most important line of defense against the outside world. It’s as easy as a little scrub, a little steam, a little squirt – and a little perfect timing.