Everything You Need to Know to Retrofit Your Bathroom for Steam

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By now you’ve probably read many articles about the benefits of steam therapy. If you are already a fan of steam showers and the benefits–maybe you used to use one at your local gym, or you’ve treated yourself to spa days at a local spa–right now might be a good time to think about retrofitting your own bathroom so you can bring all the elements of steam and relaxation right into your own home. There are a lot of misconceptions about installing a steam shower – the biggest one being that you need an enormous bathroom! We are here to correct the record on that!

Retrofitting your bathroom for a steam shower is easier than you might expect. Here’s what you need to know:

The Basics

  • Your shower enclosure can be as small as 3 feet by 3 feet!
  • The shower enclosure needs to be steam-tight (to keep moisture from seeping behind walls), so you’ll want to make sure you’re using tile, marble, natural stone or acrylic, fiberglass or another composite.
  • Ceiling conditions: Ideally your ceiling height would be no more than 8 feet. A sloped ceiling is not required but might be ideal for a steam room unless there are many grout lines, which is where water will build up and drip. ThermaSol will ensure that you have the ideal ceiling setup for your steam shower.
  • The beauty of steam generators is that they can be placed up to 50 feet from the shower. You can store it in a closet, vanity, basement or heated attic.
  • A water line to the generator, a steam line from the generator to the steam shower enclosure and a drain line.
  • Access to the electrical and water supply: Access to a 208-240 volt electrical supply and water supply is required, which are easier than ever to access behind shower walls with minimal removal of wall material, thanks to advancements in materials that can discreetly go behind the wall, such as PEX Pipe.
  • Steamhead placement: The steamhead should be installed a minimum of 18 inches off the ground, but preferably 20-24 inches for optimal performance.
  • Choice of Control: We offer numerous controls available in 15 finishes and with streamlined designs to match any existing bathroom fixtures and décor. Check out our smart shower controls to integrate with Bluetooth, Alexa, and more!

Once you’ve taken care of these basics, you can start figuring out what size generator you’ll need and what type of steamhead and controls you’ll want. The steam generator size is easily figured out using our steam shower generator. Simply add the Length/Width/Height of your shower enclosure, and our generator tells you the appropriate-sized generator you’ll need for optimal steaming!

ThermaSol offers two sizes: residential, which can be used for a steam room up to 1,000 cubic feet, and commercial, which can be used for a steam room up to 4,000 cubic feet.

ThermaSol’s steam generator and steamhead are best-in-class with patented and unrivaled technology and a lifetime warranty. To learn more about setting up a steam shower in your bathroom, visit ThermaSol.com.

So really…what are you waiting for?