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The Winningest Smart Steam Rainhead

By thermasol | February 4, 2022

As they do every year, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths Magazine looks at hundreds of product submissions to choose their 30 […]

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The Bathroom of the Future is Here

By thermasol | January 21, 2022

When the Wall Street Journal does a trends piece on the future of the bathroom – you know it’s going […]

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HydroVive Luxury Rainhead Featured in California Home + Design

By thermasol | July 20, 2021

California Home + Design featured our newest HydroVive Rainhead in an article about colorful kitchen & bath products. HydroVive adds […]

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Recent Stories

Learn more about general wellness trends, the health benefits of steam and the latest advancements in the home spa.

Bathroom Designs Now: High-Tech Innovations

By thermasol | December 10, 2021

Technology has enhanced virtually every facet of our lives, from the convenience of communication with cellphones to watching a life-like […]

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How to Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Aromatherapy

By thermasol | November 12, 2021

Imagine you’re walking through a forest. The towering evergreens stand confidently all around you, and as you take a deep […]

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Rising Interest in Luxury, High-Tech Bathrooms

By thermasol | October 29, 2021

It is no surprise that as homeowners have spent more time at home during the past two years, the interest […]

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Take A Hike – Seriously

By thermasol | October 15, 2021

Who doesn’t remember their parents telling them, “Go play outside!” While this might have been for reasons other than health […]

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Chromatherapy—What Is It and Should I Have It In My Steam Shower Kit?

By thermasol | October 1, 2021

Self-care is all the rage these days — and for good reason. Navigating through the pandemic has presented everyone with […]

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Why You Should Choose a Steam Shower vs. a Home Sauna for Your Bathroom Retreat

By thermasol | August 20, 2021

Many people mistakenly use the terms “steam shower” and “sauna” interchangeably. While both systems are beneficial to your wellness routine […]

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