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ThermaSol a Proud Sponsor of Convo By Design’s “A Moment of Zen”

By thermasol | October 16, 2020

ThermaSol is a proud sponsor of Convo By Design, a podcast and design resource by Josh Cooperman, dedicated to showcasing […]

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ThermaSol Proudly Supports The Pasadena Showcase House of Design

By thermasol | October 2, 2020

The Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts presents an annual fundraiser that supports music programs in LA-area schools in the […]

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ThermaSol Smart Shower Featured in Robb Report

By thermasol | August 3, 2020

We are so excited that Robb Report featured our Smart Shower in the August “Transformation” issue focused on creating healthy, […]

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Recent Stories

Learn more about general wellness trends, the health benefits of steam and the latest advancements in the home spa.

By Degrees: What IS the Perfect Water Temperature?

By thermasol | July 24, 2020

While it might seem counter-intuitive to talk about steam showers in the middle of summer, the reality is that a […]

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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom with the Best Accessories

By thermasol | July 17, 2020

We are living in a glorious time of options unlike ever before, from countless TV programs and food delivery apps, […]

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How to Incorporate Biophilic Design in a Bathroom Space

By thermasol | July 10, 2020

We often discuss how to integrate wellness into our personal bath spaces by combining the benefits of a steam shower system […]

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Circadian Rhythm: The Elusive Good Night’s Sleep

By thermasol | July 3, 2020

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” So says Homer, who might […]

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Celebrating American Ingenuity For More Than 60 Years!

By thermasol | June 25, 2020

As the Nation celebrates its day of independence, we use this week as a reminder that ‘Made in America’ and […]

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Traditional Korean Steam Spas

By thermasol | June 19, 2020

Traditional Korean spas, also known as “Jjimjilbangs,” have been on the rise in recent years, particularly in Los Angeles. These full-service […]

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