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In case anyone hadn’t noticed, 2020 has redefined much of our daily lives. Almost all of it, in fact. Working from home, online teaching, socially distancing…it’s been challenging. But this has been technology’s time to shine. Without Wi-Fi or our smart phones, how much harder would all of this be?

Even with all of our technology, everyone has a story about Zoom mishaps – being on a conference call when their child bounces into the room, or their dogs start barking in the background. This is life, and for the most part, everyone is handling things as well as can be expected.

It has also become a time when the term “self-care” has taken on new meaning and renewed importance. With all of the stimuli around us, where does one go to find solitude? For many, it’s their bathroom. There used to be jokes about the bathroom being called the “Throne Room”; we don’t need to examine that too closely! But the daily (or almost daily) ritual of showering, shaving, tub soaking, dog-washing, child-bathing, etc., remains a very personal experience.

If you asked a group of people when they shower, it’s likely that half would say “morning” and the other half, “evening.” Rituals are part of our DNA as humans and at ThermaSol, we have spent 60 years helping people define and revel in their personal rituals.

Even as some of these time-honored rituals have changed, we have found that there has been more interest in our Tranquility nature and visualization scenes with sound. These scenes (available on our ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control) offer relaxing environments to help put your mind and body at ease. If you combine those with the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead, which delivers a full-spectrum of gradually changing mood lighting for chromatherapy, you’ve created a totally immersive steam shower experience which makes use of natural sounds, lighting and those visualization scenes.

But here is where things become even more personal. We understand that for many people, staying in touch with friends and family via social media is as much a part of their daily ritual as quiet Zen-like moments are for others. So much so that for some people NOT being able to catch up with people, or stay connected to their favorite podcasts or TV shows, makes this pandemic even harder to endure. Once again…enter the ThermaTouch control. With ThermaTouch, users can download more than 30 of their favorite apps. We make no judgement about what feels good in the shower. If you’ve missed the most recent episode of a Netflix series – why worry about when you can catch it – watch it in the privacy of your shower!

Here are just some of the many programs you can access:

Business Week
Prime Video

You get the idea – ThermaSol wants you to create the environment that makes you comfortable. After all…it’s your throne room! What are your daily rituals and have they changed over the past few months? Let us know in the comments!