All for Spas, and Spas for All

How Spa Services Are Catering to a Wider Population Spas are wonderful facilities that offer all sorts of comforting and relaxing activities that not only rejuvenate the body, but also…

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Wellness Through the Ages

Wellness Through the Ages: How Ancient Practices of Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy and Steam Therapy Are Still Relevant Today Although wellness is a relatively new industry, it isn’t a new concept. And…

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Steam Showers Increase Home Value by 31%

“Will a steam shower increase my home’s resale value?” If you’re currently thinking about installing a steam shower in your bathroom, this question may have crossed your mind. According to…

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Skincare and Steam

Timing is everything. It’s the difference between a heart-racing gold and a heartbreaking silver. It’s the difference between “runny yolk” and “hard-boiled.” And when it comes to your skin, it’s the difference between soft/silky/smooth…

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